Coeliac Disease

Treatment of coeliac disease

The only treatment for coeliac disease is a strict gluten-free diet. Foods derived from wheat, barley and rye should not be consumed as well as medicines that contain ingredients of such origin.

Strictly following such diet, will lead to elimination of symptoms as well to histological results improvement. In addition, growth in children, improves and returns to normal levels when there is a great adhesion to the nutritional program. A big percentage, 70% of people with typical symptoms report that they begin to subside within the first 15 days, typical serum tests return to normal after 3-12 months, and bowel inflammation takes longer to improve and subside.

Adherence to a gluten-free diet is the golden rule, so that the person with coeliac disease avoids any short-term or long-term effects on their nutritional status.

Oatmeal consumption

Oats are considered tolerable for 95% of the population of patients with coeliac disease but there is a rate of about 5%, for which it is not safe to consume. For people who tolerate oats, it is recommended to consume oats with “gluten free” label on the packaging in order to avoid the consumption of oats that may be contaminated during the production or packaging period.



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